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Should I have my teeth whitened by a dental professional?

Professional teeth whitening is a way to whiten your teeth safely, lifting brown and yellow tooth stains just in time for that wedding or other important event.

And your dentists in Walkerville and Richmond recommend professional teeth whitening over kits purchased online or in shops for several reasons.

First, when you whiten your teeth without the discretion of a dental professional, you cannot be sure that your teeth are in shape for such whitening. When under the care of one of our dentists, we make sure that teeth whitening is a safe option for you.

Next, gels purchased in shops can be unpredictable and may increase your risk for tooth sensitivity or even mild damage when whitening gel spills onto the gums.

Additionally, kits purchased in shops, according to many of our patients, do not provide optimal or uniform results—meaning you may be left with teeth of varying colours.

At Beautiful Smile Dental, we rely on in-house teeth whitening or custom trays with prescription-strength gel. The latter you use at home on your time. Our patients have been delighted with their results, and we hope you will be as well.

If you would like to book a consultation for teeth whitening, we welcome your call.

The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed, restrictions have been lifted, and we are eager to invite patients back into our stringently sanitized dental clinics. Is it time for your next exam and teeth cleaning? Contact our Richmond clinic on (08) 8234 6424 or our Walkerville clinic on (08) 8269 1850 to arrange bookings.