Beautiful Smile Dental

Will my procedure hurt?

At Beautiful Smile Dental, we think our dentists are the gentlest for miles—and so do many of our patients—but we also understand that oral health treatments can make people especially anxious. During your procedure, we will always take our time and make sure you’re feeling relaxed as we move through the steps to complete your therapy.

Additionally, we offer nitrous oxide for patients who need additional supportive measures at the dentist, and we totally understand why patients request our nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide is a safe relaxant, used by patients of all ages—including children. It is delivered in the form of a gas through a small nose mask, and the effects wear off as soon as we turn off the gas. This means you can drive home following treatment, return to work, and go on with your day.

Your dentists in Walkerville and Richmond always want you to get the treatment you need and the procedures you want. This is why they offer nitrous oxide—anxiety should never prevent you from having a healthy smile.

If you would like to arrange a dental check-up, exams for the family, or if you have questions about relaxation dentistry, we welcome your call.

The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed, restrictions have been lifted, and we are eager to invite patients back into our stringently sanitized dental clinics. Is it time for your next exam and teeth cleaning? Contact our Richmond clinic on (08) 8234 6424 or our Walkerville clinic on (08) 8269 1850 to arrange bookings.