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Why should I use fluoride?

Fluoride helps strengthen your teeth against cavities and breakage. This is why dentists recommend fluoride toothpaste to keep your teeth healthy if you are at a higher risk for cavities.

When fluoride becomes incorporated in your tooth, it gives your enamel the strength to resist demineralization. Demineralization means the breaking down of calcium and phosphate minerals that protect your teeth. Typically, bacteria convert sugar into acid, and it is this acid that harms tooth enamel and leads to cavities. Fluoride is your way of defending your teeth against this onslaught.

It is a good idea to adopt an excellent oral hygiene routine at home, which includes brushing after meals with fluoride toothpaste. You should also see your dentist regularly for exams and cleans. If you are prone to cavities, your dentist in Walkerville or Richmond may recommend fluoride treatment to provide added protection.

For young children, we recommend assisting them with brushing. While fluoride is good for your teeth, you should not swallow toothpaste. A member of our team can provide further instructions on how best to brush your child’s teeth, including when you can let them take over the brushing.

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